Why leadership is like skiing.

25 Aug


Leadership is like skiing. From the bottom of the hill it looks easy.

However, like skiing if you try and figure it out as you go, you can take out a lot of people on your way down.


Here are two leadership ideas that I find helpful, and some questions to help you evaluate if you’re going to make it to the bottom of the hill gracefully or if your snow-plowing could use more practice.


1. Employees are customers of the service called leadership.

Are you providing a good service? Do your employees brag about your leadership to their family and friends? Do they remain loyal to your company even though they could get more money at another job?


2. How you treat your employees is how they treat your customers.

Do you show your employees you care or are they just “worker bees”? Do you do what’s right for them or only what you have to? Do you bend over backwards to give them the best tools and training to do their job?


If you answered “no” or “kind-of” to any of these questions, you’re probably like most leaders and skiers, always a work in progress.



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