Online vs Traditional Advertising: Who wins?

29 Aug


Imagine you’re an ad agency and you just picked up a client who sells custom belt buckles online and in a small store downtown Denver.

What type of media mix do you advise?

In one corner stands the up-and-comer — Online!

In the other corner is reigning champ — Traditional! (Aka: print and broadcast) 

According to a study conducted in 2011 by an international team of college marketing professors, online ads are more effective at moving people online. So if your focus is e-commerce, you’ll get the knock out punch from online ads.

No big surprise.

How about if your focus is your brick and mortar store?

The study shows that display ads online had more effect on offline buyer behavior than traditional ads.

A surprising finding since recent eye-trackers studies show that people are “blind” to online display ads.

Perhaps that change has taken place since the initial study was conducted.

This fight may not be over just yet! 










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