Why didn’t I think of that? Or that?

1 Jun

I’m a big believer that the right name can be the difference between stardom or mediocrity.

Be it a product, person or a web site.

In March we launched a new feature on tampabay.com called Lunchtime Live with the Rays.


The way it works is we stream an interview live on the site and viewers can email in a question for one of the Rays baseball players.

We liked the name because it conveyed the most important information: time, content, benefit.

I’m sorry to say i just heard two names that I think I like better: Chatting Cage and Intentional Talk. These are live interviews where fans can send in a question to a baseball player.

These names are clever, fun and memorable.

Dang it, why didn’t we think of either!

Here are a few possible reasons:
* We didn’t try enough options
* We didn’t involve enough people with various perspectives
* We put too many fences around our thinking

Finding the right name is like digging for gold only you’ve never seen it, you have no idea if you’ll ever find it, and once you do find it, others may say “That’s not gold!”

Next time I need to create a name, I’m not going to stop digging until I get to Chatting Cage.


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