7 Keys to Inspiring Leadership

19 Aug


While sitting on my rear-end tonight watching a baseball game (no, the guy in the photo above is not me), the words I read in Entrepreneur magazine came to mind.

It was a comment on a story about leadership from a guy named Ken Fritz. He was answering a question posed in the previous month’s Entrepreneur magazine: What makes great leaders?

Here’s what he said:
“You need to know your job better than anybody. Better than your boss, better than your peers and certainly better than anyone who works for you. You know all those HR manuals and regulations that nobody wants to read – you read them so you can help your folks. Any professional magazines that deal with your discipline — you are on them. It’s important that when one of your folks comes to you with a question, you have the answer. By the way, it’s amazing how easy decisions come to you when you know your job that well.

I agree with Ken’s comments. I’ve seen them in action.

Here’s another great comment from Mike Montague:
“I would add one underlying quality: hard work. Great leaders rise earlier, read more, communicate with many, plan ahead, organize others, delegate appropriately and push themselves to stay engaged – and they make this effort part of their daily routine.

Curious about the article that generated the comments? It’s called 5 Keys to Inspiring Leadership by Gwen Moran. Here’s the link.

So the original story, plus the two comments gives you 7 keys: aren’t you glad I got off the couch?!

I am.


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