Solid marketing plans should start with these six questions

31 Dec

While celebrating Christmas in Nashville, I found this article in The Tennessean newspaper. It was written by David Bohan, founder of Bohan Advertising and Marketing and one of the most respected voices on the subject in Middle Tennessee. (Editor’s note: he’s also a fellow alumn of the University of Tennessee. Go Vols!)

The Bohan Clan starts by asking potential clients these six questions.

1. What are your challenges?

2. Where will your next year’s business come from? Do you have to take customers from competitors? Do you expect category growth? Will industry shifts work in your favor?

3. Whose behavior do we need to influence and why?

4. What do your customers think, feel and do now?

5. What do you want your customers to think, feel and do?

6. What information or experience do your customers need in order to move from Point A to Point B?

To answer question six requires an insight — an “aha”!

Bohan sites Carol Phillips, president of the Brand Amplitude consulting practice who suggests these guidelines to developing an insight your brand can support.

1. It is more about people than the brand.

2. It is more about the category of the product than the product intself.

3. It is founded in how people want to feel rather than what they think.

4. If focuses more on what is enduring than on what is new.

5. It stimulates new ideas and thinking.

A perfect example is the “Got Milk?” campaign. It was about the feeling you get when you are eating cookies and you wish you had something to drink.

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