How effective is your marketing?

30 Dec

Determine the effectiveness of your marketing with these 5 metrics.

1. Financial: How much revenue does an average customer add to the bottom line?

2. Competitiveness: What is your share of market? What is your share of voice?

3. Consumer behavior: What is your customer retention and acquisition percentage? What’s your penetration of the total number of customers available?

4. Consumer intermediate: What’s the awareness of your brand? How satisfied are your customers?

5.  Innovativeness: How many new products have your launched? What percentage of revenue do your new products generate?

Source: Marketing Management, Fall 2012, p30

Looking for other sources on the same subject? Marketing Metrics: 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master, Wharton School Publishing, 2006; Strategic Customer Service: Managing Customer Experience to Increase Word of Mouth, Brand Loyalty and Maximize Profits, AMACOM, 2009.


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