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Inbound Marketing vs. Interruption Marketing

15 Sep

What is inbound marketing?

In 2006, HubSpot coined the term to describe optimized text, audio or video that appears in Google, YouTube or Bing search.

Interruption marketing has been around quite a bit longer and everyone is familiar with it. It’s the commercial that stops the show, the email that fills up your inbox, the post on Facebook between Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

Both inbound and interruption marketing can be helpful to consumers. Both can inform you of a sale or a deal on something you’d like to own.

But which one is more effective? It depends on your message, your budget and your product or service.

Interruption marketing must be done regularly to catch the thin market at just the right time. It can create a need in the mind of the consumer where one didn’t exist. Apple sold thousands of iPods to people who didn’t know they had to have one until they saw the ad on TV.

Inbound marketing is present at the EXACT time and ONLY when someone is looking for a product or service. It’s the video on YouTube from Pete the Plumber that you find when you search “How to unclog a toilet?”


If you put it in basketball terms, when you’re in bounds, you’re on the court making things happen. When you’re out-of-bounds, you’re waiting for the call.

Inbound and interruption marketing are both effective. Combine the two and you’ll have the power of a play-maker on the court, and a rested bench ready to come in when the need arises.